About Us

Welcome to Lake Arrowhead Online!

My name is Kris Mullins, visionary and creator of Lake Arrowhead Online, an inclusive information packed placed to virtually escape to view one of the wonders of Southern California.

Whether your looking for somewhere to host your wedding outdoors, planning a trip, or just “getting your feet wet” with Lake Arrowhead Online before actually…getting your feet wet, we’re here to help keep you in the know!

Living most my life in Southern California, before moving to Las Vegas in 2020, I had the luxury to visit Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear, and similar areas as being just a few short hours away. After visiting many times, I thought, “Wouldn’t it had been nice to plan ahead and make some decision based off what I could find online from real people?”

Back then, there wasn’t much for information like this except when I scoured deep into blogs and forums. Now, there’s Lake Arrowhead Online which is a constant project to keep the most updated information and great ideas surrounding this beautiful area.

Hopefully some of the ideas and information here spark some creativity, thoughts, and inspire you in decisions about your trip to Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear, or Southern California in general.

When I’m not working on this “side project” of a website, you can find me helping others on their journey to success with business and entrepreneur help!