Lake Arrowhead Dog Festival

Calling All Canine Lovers: Join the Lake Arrowhead Dog Festival

Do lovers unite! Did you know that there’s such a thing as— wait for it— a dog festival? And ifthat isn’t enough to make you kick your socks off in a fit of joy, wait until you hear where it’s located: Lake Arrowhead. The Lake Arrowhead Dog Festival is a long-standing tradition of both residents and visitors that allows people from all different walks of life and cultures touniteintheir universal love of canines. So before you book that expensive backpacking trip through the Northwest or take off for Bermuda, make sure that you book a fun little trip for you and your best pal. After all, Fido has been there for you when youneeded it most; doesn’t he deserve a little TLC and attention, too?

All About the 2016 Dog Festival

The 2016 Lake Arrowhead Dog Festival came off as a smashing success, thanks to the well-planned activities and events of the committee. Hosted by Three Dog Bakery™and The Lake Arrowhead Merchants Association, this was the third annualdog festival to grace the exquisite landscape surrounding Lake Arrowhead and the San Bernardino National Forest. The 2016 festival featured events including dog sport demonstrations, an owner “ lookalike” contest, a demonstration by the local K-9 task force, a Splash Dogs™ dock-jumping competition and plenty of local and national vendor booths to appease both your palate andyour pooch’s palate, as well.

Giving Canines a Second Chance

This all sounds exciting; however, what is the overall purpose of the Lake Arrowhead DogFestival? The festival, as canine lovers will be pleased to discover, has a positive purpose. The aim of this fun-loving dog festival isto educate the public while promoting happy, healthy and lucrative relationships between both pet owners and animals. As a result, the festival aims to lower the rate of animal euthanasia dueto behavioral problems that can stem from adoption, maltreatment, malnourishment and a variety of other ailments. The ultimate goalof this family-friendly dog festival isnot only to raise awareness about the cruel practice of euthanasia and the safe, holistic alternatives (training, relationship building between owner and pets, etc.) but to raise funds for rescue organizations, as well. When was the last time you visited the local animal adoption center or dog pound? It might have beenin disrepair. Thanks to this festival, abandoned animals everywhere now have a second chance to become the loving, loyal and faithful animals that there were destined tobe.

Where the FundsGo

Here’s a little history about the Lake Arrowhead Dog Festival: In2013, the first Lake Arrowhead Dog Festival successfully managed to raise over $1500 with the help of local businesses, pet patrons and sponsors who helped fund the event. Although $1500 might not seem like a lot initially, that lump sum was enough to help numerous abandoned, helpless pets craving a safe and comfortable home. The funds were organized and raised by the S.T.A.R.T. Rescue, and continued to rise the following year. In2014, this dog festival in Lake Arrowhead raised $3700 for two separate organizations, who both worked endlessly and tirelessly to network, rehabilitate and rescue numerous pooches from areas surrounding the San Bernardino National Forest. As a result, the organization was able toprovide funds back to essential canine organizations such as The German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County and The Little RedDog Rescue.

How Do You Register?

Enough about fundraising; when, how and what do you needtodoto become involved inthis festival? The Lake Arrowhead Dog Festival sets off on Saturday, September 4 from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. Located at Lake Arrowhead Village in Lake Arrowhead, you can register online for the event and book a spot atoneof the many dog-friendly hotels orcabins in the surrounding area.

Don’t Wait: Book Your Trip Now

The Lake Arrowhead Dog Festival is family-friendly, meaning that you won’t have to leave behind young children as you trek cross-country to watch your family’s beloved golden retriever splash into the waters of Lake Arrowhead, run circles with other canines andcompete in fun, enthusiastic and team-building events. Your pooch has been a loyal, consistent figure in your family dynamic for as long as you can remember; why not take him to this dog festival in Lake Arrowhead and simultaneously expose your family to the pristine, breathtaking San Bernardino Forest and clear waters of Lake Arrowhead? The Lake Arrowhead Dog Festival is a win-win for both canine and owner; so don’t wait tobook your tickets early to ensure that you have a place at this beloved, annual and family-friendly dogfestival.