Lake Arrowhead kid activities

Vacation 101: The Most Popular Lake Arrowhead Kid Activities

Family is important — particularly when it comes to booking vacations, trips and getaways for the entire family. If you and your family like to take at least one annual vacation with the purpose of getting away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city life (or to simply escape the day-to-day routines associated with living in the suburbs), there’s no better place to book a week-long getaway than within the pristine, jaw-droppingly beautiful Lake Arrowhead area. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in the area’s numerous outdoor activities or if you simply want to expose your family to the natural beauty of the surrounding San Bernardino National Forest, there are plenty of things to explore and learn from taking a quick family getaway to this historic area. By doing so, you will quickly find a plethora of Lake Arrowhead kid activities, exquisite fine dining (that’s simultaneously family-friendly!) and a variety of other adult, teenage and kid activities to enjoy at Lake Arrowhead. So here are some of the most popular Lake Arrowhead kid activities that are guaranteed to not only entertain and challenge your family, but that will create irreplaceable memories for years to come.

Your Children Will Fall in Love with Lake Gregory

If you’re planning a family vacation during the summer, the amount of Lake Arrowhead kid activities will exceed all of your expectations. Although Lake Arrowhead may be a private lake, a quick, 20-minute car ride over to Lake Gregory is the perfect way for you and your family to cool off, share some laughs and soak up the sun during the warmest days of the summer. Some of the most popular summer kid activities at this family-friendly lake involve beach-front access to the stunning shoreline of the lake, an eye-popping and heart-pounding blow-up waterpark, day-long boat rentals ideal for exploring the lake’s perimeters and optimal fishing spots (for both young and old alike).

How to Plan for Activities at Lake Gregory

As far as Lake Arrowhead kid activities are concerned, there’s almost nothing quite like a long, summer afternoon spent exploring the numerous kid-friendly activities available to participate in at Lake Gregory. Simply make sure that you purchase either a full-day pass to get the most out of your visit, or purchase specific tickets for the activities of your choice. After spending a day in the sun at Lake Gregory, your family will be begging you to come back for several years to come.

Take Your Children to Lollipop Park for a Magical Adventure

There’s something magical about watching your kids ride their very first roller coaster or merry-go-round. And although many adults no longer feel the same sense of exhilaration while riding a zebra for several minutes on a merry-go-round, almost all parents can agree that their hearts fill with love and joy at seeing the irreplaceable look of pure happiness as their young son or daughter finds his or her favorite animal on the merry-go-round. This type of experience is not only irreplaceable; it’s priceless. One of the most popular Lake Arrowhead kid activities is Lollipop Park, where young children and parents alike can enjoy family-friendly games, booths and rides including bumper cars, go carts and — of course — the infamous, aforementioned merry-go-round.

Mini-Golf, Fun Houses and Ice Cream — What’s Not to Love?

These dreamlike kid activities in Lake Arrowhead are just the beginning, however; Lollipop park also has several other attractions such as mini-golf, a sweet story with fun house mirrors and, perhaps the most important activity on the list, plenty of local places to stop and scoop up a huge, mouth-watering ice cream cone. The Lake Arrowhead kid activities don’t only aim to provide a one-of-kind experience for your family; they also take extra measures to ensure that both adults and children alike feel exhilarated, content and 100 percent happy.

Create Unforgettable Experiences for Your Children at Lake Arrowhead

There’s definitely a time and a place for an adult-only (or parents-only!) getaway; and for many parents who want just a few days or even a week to themselves sans the responsibility of running a full household, many of the resorts, cabins and bed and breakfasts in Lake Arrowhead provide the perfect solution. However, as luxurious as these getaways can be, absolutely nothing can replace the type of memories that your family — particularly your young children — will receive from spending a week enjoying a plethora of age-appropriate events and activities within the beautiful, natural landscape of Lake Arrowhead. So don’t be afraid to explore the extensive Lake Arrowhead kid activities available in the area; not only will you have the privilege of watching your children exude happiness, but you’ll be creating a lifetime of memories for years to come.