Lake Arrowhead bed and breakfast


Weekend Getaway: Three Perfect Lake Arrowhead Bed and Breakfast Destinations

Imagine this: You wake up early (but not too early), pull back the curtains, and look out into the vast landscape before you. Your eyes are met with the beauty of the San Bernardino National Forest and the immaculate waters of Lake Arrowhead. It’s a breathtaking, irreplaceable experience; and it’s all at your fingertips, thanks to your wise decision to book a week at a Lake Arrowhead bed and breakfast.

Still in your pajamas, you make your way downstairs to the smell of coffee and freshly-scrambled eggs. Your slippers are the only sound you hearas you enter the kitchen, where a beautiful breakfast spread meets your eyes. This is too good tobe true, right? Absolutely not. Thanks to the beautiful bed and breakfast that you’re experiencing, you can enjoy the pristine scenery surrounding you while sipping a bold, dark roast from the comfort of a quaint, historic kitchen.

Sound Too Good toBe True?

Does this sound like the ideal getaway to you? If so, you’llbe pleased to learn that there are numerous Lake Arrowhead bed and breakfast facilities that offer overnight lodging at affordable prices. With so much to select from, it’s almost impossible to choose just one; however, here isa list of the top three most popular bed and breakfast lodgings in Lake Arrowhead. No matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

Stay in a Victorian-Inspired Bed and Breakfast

Perhaps the most popular bed and breakfast in the area, Arrowhead Lake Inn, isan esoteric, Victorian-style facility that offers cozy rooms with private bathrooms. Unwind in the serenity ofthe surrounding forest while enjoying a jaw-dropping view of the lake. Choose from nine different rooms, contingent upon your preferences; this Lake Arrowhead bed and breakfast has everything you need to create a memorable weekend or overnight stay. Whether you’replanning on a solo adventure in the wilderness or lookingto bring your sweetheart along for a surprise trip, this bed and breakfast has you covered. Enjoy free continental breakfast, free wi-fiand the sanctity of mountain life while staying at this beautiful, historic bed and breakfast.

Go Back to the 1920s With Bracken Fern Manor

As perhaps the most visually stunning Lake Arrowhead bed and breakfast, Bracken Fern Manor provides the incomparable charm of a 1920s-style manor coupled with the class of a comfortable, upscale lodging. Bracken Fern Manor accommodates ten separate rooms, a fully-functioning kitchen, two beautiful decks ideal for sipping wine, a sauna, library, living room and exquisite wine cellar. This beautiful, historic bed and breakfast is the ideal getaway for newlyweds, honeymooners or sweethearts who want to leave the bustle of the busy city behind them for a couple of days.

In addition to the 1920s decor of this Lake Arrowhead bed and breakfast, Bracken Fern Manor has the potential to seat upto 200 people; thus making it the ideal place for family reunions, business retreats or company conferences. Additionally, across from the property you will find The Tudor House, which showcases nights of entertainment, drinks and additional activities. If you’re planning a weekend getaway to enjoy the surrounding nature, you will find that Bracken Fern Manor is close to several optimal fishing locations, hiking spots and swimming areas. Simultaneously enjoy the great outdoors while staying in one of the most historic bed and breakfast facilities in Lake Arrowhead; and create memories for years to come.

Enjoy French Charm and Rustic Aesthetic With Chateau-Du-Lac

Last, albeit certainly not least, the Chateau-Du-Lac weighs in at number three among the most highly-rated Lake Arrowhead bed and breakfast facilities. Offering gorgeous, panoramic views of the surrounding lake and alpine mountains, this bed and breakfast brings regal, French-inspired notes to the interior facade while remaining within a rural locale. This truly one-of-a-kind getaway is unlike anyof the surrounding bed and breakfasts in Lake Arrowhead; and with a variety of different suites to choose from (featuring lakeside views, cottage suites and more), this Lake Arrowhead bed and breakfast isn’t just ideal for a romantic getaway, it’s perfect for courageous solo travelers seeking asylum in the natural surrounding landscape.

Regardless of What You Choose, You Can’t Go Wrong

Regardless of where you decide to stay, it’s impossible to make a poor decision while visiting Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding landscape. And although the draw of large hotels and fancy lodges might seem appealing at first, you will find that there’s nothing more comforting than descending a set of warm stairs in a bed and breakfast to find hot coffee waiting for you alongside an intricate spread of locally-sourced breakfast items. Any one of these breathtakingly beautiful bed and breakfast facilities will make the perfect getaway for a romantic weekend far removed from civilization and responsibility, while providing the perfect destination to relax, unwind and become centered.