Lake Arrowhead dog friendly

Three Lake Arrowhead Dog-Friendly Destinations

You’ve spent more hours than you can count planning the ultimate family vacation; you’vebooked your room at a Lake Arrowhead lodge, planned recreational activities for your family and even made accommodations for your 10-year old, long-time jack russell companion; a canine who has been with you longer than most of your children and/or spouse. You would never imagine leaving your pup home alone or dropping him off at a doggy “day care”; and fortunately, you did your research ahead of time. Not only is Lake Arrowhead dog friendly, it also boasts a wide range of lodges, campgrounds and outdoor resources that are justas welcoming to your beloved pet as they are to your family.

For those of you who haven’t planned that perfect family vacation to Lake Arrowhead yet, there are multiple places surrounding the Lake Arrowhead locale that are pet-friendly. So before you book your flight and put down a deposit at that hotel built 45 miles from the nearest beach, take a moment to read through some of the following Lake Arrowhead dog-friendly destinations. After you’ve booked a week at one of these pristine locations, you will understand just how beneficial these dog-friendly destinations are; not only for yourself and your family, but for your beloved canine, as well.

Achieve Peace of Mind at Saddleback Inn

Located a casual elevation of 5,000-feet, the Saddleback Inn is one of the most popular dog-friendly destinations in Lake Arrowhead. Via request, you can book a dog-friendly cottage on the prestigious territory that this inn provides. You don’t have to sacrifice fine dining, exquisite views or eye-popping seasonal entertainment while bringing your pooch on vacation with you; on the contrary, this Lake Arrowhead dog friendly-resort is the perfect solution to the question of“Will webe able to bring Fido along?”

In addition to the dog-friendly appeal, Saddleback Inn also offers breathtakingly close views ofLake Arrowhead, coupled with a close proximity to local shopping centers and entertainment plazas. The Lake Arrowhead Village (a shopping complex) is a mere five-minute walk from the Saddleback Inn. So despite what your negative-Nancy friends might say, you can have it all: A reservation at a Lake Arrowhead dog-friendly resort and access to the great outdoors, entertainment and recreational activities.

Bring Fido to the Forest

Are you more of a rustic person? Does the idea of staying at a hotel immediately make you cringe? If this sounds like a fairly accurate description of yourself, then itwill please you to know that the Timberline Lodge is one of the many Lake Arrowhead pet-friendly cabins. Situatedamong the tall pines of the forest, these cabins feature full kitchens and are a stone’s throw away from shopping villages, galleries and wonderful, locally-supported gift shops. As a dog-lover, you should never have to sacrifice your love for Fido while experiencing the pristine wilderness surrounding Lake Arrowhead. Meet other dog-lovers while exploring the beautiful, surrounding scenery or spending the day at the beach; it’s all possible through this Lake Arrowhead dog-friendly cabin resort.

Bring Your Canine to Sugar Pine

If you can’t decide whether to camp out in the sanctity of the local, Lake Arrowhead forest orcuddle up within one of the luxurious hotels, don’t fret; the Sugar Pine resort condominium is yet another Lake Arrowhead dog friendly destination that combines the comfort of a hotel within anupscale neighborhood.

Completely dog-friendly, this resort condominium in Lake Arrowhead features multiple bedrooms, a warming, gas fireplace, full kitchen and is within close distance from entertainment and shopping. Bring Fido along as your family relaxes in the comfort of a luxury condominium. You can skip the doggy-day care by reserving one of these condominiums within the Lake Arrowhead area, all while enjoying the natural benefits of the area’s outdoor activities.

An Increase in Dog-Friendly Vacation Spots

The many Lake Arrowhead dog friendly hotels, cabins and condominiums signifies a larger recognition of people’s preferences when it comes to bringing Fido along for a family trip or solo adventure. Lake Arrowhead is one of the few vacation spots within Southern California that notonly recognizes the importance that canines play within the family dynamic, but that actively promotes dog-friendly areas. As more and more vacation destinations in Southern California realize the essential role that canines play in the family dynamic, many of them are changing their policies to become more dog-friendly; albeit without the additional deposit or fee. You should never have to sacrifice your love for your canine while planning a family or solo vacation, and thanks to many of the resorts around Lake Arrowhead, you will never have to.