Lake Arrowhead Farmers market

A Farmers’ market is one of the oldest forms of direct marketing by small farmers. Until ten years ago, it was not as popular as it is today. It became a favorite marketing method for many farmers throughout the United States and a weekly ritual for many shoppers a decade ago. Since then, a lot of farmers’ market has come up.

Lake Arrowhead Farmers market is a seasonal open air market. It takes place every Friday from may 13th to September 2nd from 2-7pm. It’s a place to discover tasty food items and treats, homemade sweets and candy, fresh roasted almonds, beef jerky and corn on the cob. The season is fast approaching, and while many of you are already experienced market shoppers, the same does not apply to some people. As a matter of fact, they find the experience quite intimidating. Here are some of the best ideas for how to get the most out of a trip to the farmers market in Lake Arrowhead.

1. Menu planning

Before heading out, always look ahead for what you have lined up for the next meal(s). This is easily done by creating a list of any ingredients you may be able to get there. However always keep an eye out for anything that looks good even if it is not on your list once you are in the market. It is easy enough to change the menu if something unexpected and great shows up at the market. However, if you buy something that needs to be cooked, make sure to make a plan for when to serve it. For heat-sensitive veggies, always bring a cooler if you’re going to be out for a while to avoid wilting them.

2. Pick a buying strategy

Some people prefer walking through the whole market before settling on what they want to buy while others prefer hunting and gathering through the market, buying as they go. Some like to buy most of their produce from one vendor, others like to buy a little here and a little there. Whatever style you choose, Lake Arrowhead farmers market provides the most comfortable environment if you’re new to the area.

3. Go more often

To become a regular, you have to go there more often once the season comes. The more you and your neighbors go the stronger and more diverse your market will become. The farmers market in Lake Arrowhead has a reputation of a place that supports local food. Therefore, it encourages more new farmers to come and try farming in its communities.

Lake Arrowhead farmers market exists today because of the four seasons which are appealing to many farmers. However, in the dawn of the winter season, the rate of food scarcity goes up due to poor preservation methods during the summer season.

During summer in August and September, the sun is at its hottest temperatures. This means that whenever you are going to the market, it is important to carry your freezer with you. Freezing is a great option for those who enjoy farm-fresh food but don’t care to can or dehydrate food. Choose just a few of summer’s treats that will last you up to the winter. Here are a few things that should be in the freezer by summer’s end and how to preserve them.

Bell peppers: To preserve them, remove seeds, quarter them, and put in freezer bags for use in eggs, chili, and pizza. You can also roast them and then freeze.

Berries: put them in quart-sized freezer bags and lay flat in the freezer for preservation. You can use them to make smoothies and muffins.
Tomatoes: These can be quartered and put in freezer bags for use in winter chili, soups, and sauces. An alternative method is to roast them and use on pizza, in soups, quiches. This is the most succulent option preferred by many farmers in Lake Arrowhead farmers market.

Eggplant: For winter use, Roasted eggplant freezes well, in slices or whole fruit. Most people say it tastes nice in sandwiches once roasted.
Winter squash: For preservation, halve, roast, scoop out of the shell, and freeze. In the Lake Arrowhead farmers market, it is used to make squash soup all winter long.