Lake Arrowhead fishing


With an exclusive mix of fun, splendor, and serenity, Lake Arrowhead fishing in Southern California has never been better. It is located in between Lake Gregory to the north and Running Springs to the south. Fishing on Lake Arrowhead and surrounding areas has grown insuring quality fishery for future generations
For a privately owned lake such as Lake Arrowhead, its use is restricted to the homeowners surrounding it. However, through the Arrowhead Lake Association, its members and its guests have the opportunity to catch a nice variety of fish year around- Crappie, catfish, sunfish, carp, bass, Kokanee Salmon, and trout.



The most popular type of fishing here is trout fishing. Trout are stocked throughout the season, and they range between 8ins-2ft long. The big ones have been known to travel under docks and in shallow water as well. Tubes, rooster tails, small jigs and even shad crank baits can catch trout. Some fishers use a traditional small single hook with a worm for catching trout, though they might end up catching all species in the Lake not just the trout. This method makes Lake Arrowhead fishing fascinating. Trout is uniformly distributed everywhere around the lake


Crappie fishing is rapidly gaining momentum as one of the Lake Arrowhead fishing angling opportunities. Be prepared to share the water with other anglers in spring when limits of nice-size crappie are caught along with the other species. They can be found all around and under docks. For baiting, you can use small plastics such as white & red tubes and small white jigs.


Fishing for catfish is productive year around. Boat anglers have had high success rates likely areas with soured wheat. Catfish can be caught on treble hooks with catfish bait in almost every cove. If you are looking for a bigger catfish, it is easier to take the boat to an isolated cove at about 10-15ft of water drop down a dough ball.

White Bass

These fish run up to three pounds, and their holding points can easily be located with depth finders. Group of mature fish congregates off the rocky main lake points in March and April. They can be caught on top water lures between 6am-9.30am such as spinners, buzz baits, crank baits and lightweight swim baits. Constant use of a jig with a dark colored plastic does the trick at the docks. Don’t forget to throw a couple of lines between docks as large white bass are always in transit between docks.

Fishing Cover

Lake Arrowhead fishing is recognized as a premier highlight on the San Bernardino Mountains. The Lake normally has 1 to 2 feet visibility but sometimes fluctuates to four to six feet. Characterized with a maximum depth of 45 feet, this lake has some lily pads and pondweed as vegetation cover. The fish habitat includes rip-rapped areas along the bridges, dam and rocky shoals near the main lake points. At the upper end of the reservoir right amounts of standing timber remain and in the back of most coves.

General Restrictions

The minimum age limit for an angler is 16, and he or she must hold a valid fishing license purchased at the local sporting goods, hardware stores, and marinas. For the elderly and armed forces veterans, there are reduced fee licenses. Free licenses are available for the physically, developmentally and visually impaired. The catch limit in the lake is 5; thus anglers are encouraged to catch and release. While on Lake Arrowhead fishing, some equipment is restricted for use. There is also a basic license that allows only one rod at a time.

Fishing equipment and Resource

Baits, licenses, tackle and other supplies are available at

  1. Lake Arrowhead Marina
  2. Big Bear Marina
  3. Holloway’s Marina and RV Park
  4. Cedar Glen Trading Post

Generally, before deciding to go for fishing, these are the couple of things you should do so as to enjoy your fishing on Lake Arrowhead and surrounding areas

  1. Know the season at that time
  2. Sign up with the Arrowhead Lake Association
  3. Get an Adventure Pass
  4. Do not rent a boat as they are not allowed on Lake Arrowhead. It is a private lake
  5. Find out general restrictions such as age limits