Lake Arrowhead Golf Course

Three Lake Arrowhead Golf Courses That Shouldn’t Fly Below Your Radar

Although the areas in Southern California surrounding Lake Arrowhead might be as dry as bone dust, that mirage of water in the Lake Arrowhead area is no phantom; on the contrary, Lake Arrowhead is the oasis in the desert that you’ve been searching for. It will please any golf advocate’s heart to know that there are numerous golf courses in the Lake Arrowhead area, many of which provide a much-needed retreat from the naturally dry, barren and desolate landscape that stretches along the Southern California border. Fortunately, the oasis known as Lake Arrowhead boasts an array of golf courses situated within driving distance from the lake and surrounding San Bernardino National Forest. With so many golf courses to choose from, however, the question is posed: Which Lake Arrowhead golf course is the ideal choice for your personal taste and golfing style?

Here’s a look at several golf courses in the Lake Arrowhead area and how to choose the perfect “Lake Arrowhead golf course” for you — whether it be for business, pleasure or a mixture of both.

Mix Business and Golf at the Shandin Hills Golf Club

Located a casual 10 miles from Lake Arrowhead in San Bernardino, the Shandin Hills Golf Club tops the list and garners a reputation as being perhaps the most exquisite Lake Arrowhead golf course in existence. This 18-hole, par 72 golf course allows golfers from all over the world to play amidst the designs of Cary Bickler, which features beautiful Bermuda and rye grass fairways, as well as poa annua and bent grass greens. At 6,517 yards from the back greens and with a slope of 127, the Shandin Hills Golf Club is the ideal Lake Arrowhead golf course to conduct a business meeting. After a long, fruitful day of practicing on the chipper green or driving range, clients and business partners alike can retire to the golf course’s full-service bar, clubhouse or pro shop. Or, as many business partnerships have seen fit in the past, visitors can enjoy microbrews and spirits as they talk business, perfect their swing and ultimately bond over the beautiful, breathtaking surrounding landscape. Don’t bring your clients to a boring, run-down and decrepit golf course; bring them to this widely-recognized Lake Arrowhead golf course for an experience they will never forget.

Challenge Yourself With a PGA Course

As fancy, comfortable and lucrative as a trip to the Shandin Hills Golf Club might sound, nothing beats golfing with lifelong friends on a historic, classy course reminiscent of many years past. The Hesperia Golf and Country Club fits this description immaculately; not only was this Lake Arrowhead golf course a major tour stop in the 1950s and 1960s for the PGA, this golf course was designed by William F. Bell Jr. and offers modern golfers a swing at the exact same PGS challenge presented during the 1950s and 1960s. Just outside of Lake Arrowhead, this course measures 7,006 yards and is equipped with a par of over 72 with 18 holes. The tree-lined fairways of this Lake Arrowhead golf course make it an instant hit for seasoned golfers, requiring precision to successfully execute tee shots while avoiding trees or rough. And with a 131-slope rating, you’d be crazy not to bring your favorite golfing friends along for an afternoon or weekend trip at this historic, challenging and ultimately professional golf course in Lake Arrowhead.

Protect the Environment While You Golf

It’s possible to retain your environmentalist values while enjoying an afternoon sipping beer and playing golf — and the Ashwood Golf Course provides just that. Located 13 miles outside of Lake Arrowhead, this golf course employs help from the Audubon International Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses. This Lake Arrowhead golf course isn’t just a mecca for both professional and beginner golfers alike; it’s part of a movement towards environmental protection of surrounding areas. Golf at ease on this course as you catch glimpses of local birds and enjoy the noise-deafening tree-lined greens; the Ashwood Golf Course is truly a meditative spot for serious golfers, set apart from its competitors in many lucrative ways. You can help protect local habitat and golf at the same time; something that many other golf courses won’t allow you to do.

Grab Your Buddies or Business Partners: It’s Time to Golf!

The ideal Lake Arrowhead golf course is waiting for you; all you need to do is decide what your end goal will be. Whether it’s business, pleasure or activism, there’s a golf course located in the pristine Lake Arrowhead area that fits your bill. So gather a few buddies or business partners and head down to your pick of fantastic golf courses in the area; you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your fancy and that will become a staple golf course in your life for years to come.