Lake Arrowhead homes for sale

Are you apprehensive when choosing a home to buy in Southern California? Well, you can put your buyer’s hat on and visit Lake Arrowhead on the face of the San Bernardino Mountains.

The Lake Arrowhead homes for sale have positioned the Lake Arrowhead community in the real estate market as one of the leading giants in Southern California. Lake Arrowhead, being a man-made feature itself is truly a hidden gem. Those who have gotten a chance to visit this place know that the homes for sale in Lake Arrowhead will leave you quite speechless.

With a population of 12,982 as of the 2000 US Census, the full-time residents comprise of 59%. This is the major contributing factor behind the growth of the real estate market in Lake Arrowhead communities. The Lake Arrowhead homes for sale are not only cost friendly but also cater for your needs. The prices range from as low as US $22000 to as high as 2 million US dollars. The price variation can be attributed to the fact that these homes are located in different regions on this picturesque resort area and of course the realtor.
With the proximity of about 30 minutes away from all the key services offered on the mountain, the residents enjoy a slower pace of life creating a relaxing environment. Public transportation is available about three times per day along the four primary highways; hwy 173,189, 138 and 18. Also, the Ontario International Airport is 43 miles away from most of the Lake Arrowhead homes for sale.

Lake Arrowhead communities enjoy a unique climate with four distinct seasons. To you, this means that during all the four seasons you get to experience a lineup of fun activities such as water sports. Another feature that gives a bigger advantage to the Lake Arrowhead homes for sale over any other is the presence of a national forest. It gives a beautiful ambiance to the residents. On top of it all, the residents get to enjoy the experience of living in the heart of San Bernardino Mountain.

The Lake Arrowhead communities are rich in culture with practices that date back to the 20th Century. Some of these practices have attracted a lot of tourists and anthropologists. Every year several festivals occur during different seasons. Some of this festivals and sports include

  1. Steam Fishing
  2. Mountain biking
  3. Equestrian trails
  4. Snow skiing
  5. Cross country skiing
  6. Wildhaven Ranch and Strawberry Peak Fire Lookout

If you are looking to buy a home where you can also relax exclusively, Lake Arrowhead homes for sale should be on the top of your list. The serene environment has the best country club that offers membership up to 40 years. Also, it hosts golf championships and world-class tennis every year. Other outdoor activities that you might be interested in include;

  • camps & retreats
  • fishing and gear
  • fitness centers and studios
  • Wildlife sanctuary & zoos
  • Local clubs

A majority of the Lake Arrowhead homes for sale are located near the school district that comprises of highly rated schools at the national level. Lake Arrowhead has gone above and beyond the national average for education attainment with two California distinguished schools, Lake Arrowhead Elementary and Grandview Elementary. The community also has excellent programs for students with special needs and student safety nets. Policy and Procedure have reinforced safety and security in schools.
Lake Arrowhead fire department operates the paramedic units. These units cover the entire community and work with the Mountains Community Hospital. During medical and fire emergencies, the fire department uses its air ambulance heliport to transport the patients to specialized centers and facilities.

Mountains Community Hospital is near the Arrowhead Marina with access from Highway 173. It is fully staffed with a 24-hour emergency department. MCH provides in inpatient long-term nursing, acute care services as well as outpatient diagnostic laboratory, radiology testing, and respiratory testing.

Finally, research on the location of the homes for sale in Lake Arrowhead has shown that their market value in real estate gives you the value for your money. Make your dream of owning a home and enjoying the cool breeze from the lake come true.