Lake Arrowhead Hospital

Health Overview

In Lake Arrowhead the Water quality is 48 on a scale to 100 (higher is better). Please note that this is a me
asure of the quality of watershed, not the water that comes from your faucet. Owing to the recent research findings the EPA has declared that drinking water quality is closely related to a healthy watershed. Some Indicators such as pH, chemicals, metals, and bacteria are used to measure the watershed quality using an EPA complex method.
In Lake Arrowhead, the Air quality is 77 on a scale to 100 (higher is better). Hazardous air pollutants now have new measure from the EPA implemented by the National Air Toxics Assessment. The EPA analysis monitors respiratory illness and cancer risk down to the zip code level. Doing this provides better detail and insight than the previous analysis based solely on results from air monitoring stations
Based on the information above, any hospital in Lake Arrowhead must have all the data necessary to provide the best services to its community.

Mountains Community Hospital

Also known as Monroe County Hospital is the only private hospital in Lake Arrowhead.
The Joint Commission accredits Monroe County Hospital. Evaluations of compliance with national hospital standards are voluntarily submitted on a continuing basis. For a concerned patient, this means that Monroe County Hospital practices continuous quality monitoring to provide quality health care. This Lake Arrowhead Hospital has Alabama Hospital Association membership and is approved for participation in the Medicaid programs and Medicare.
In the U.S., inadequate reimbursement and uncompensated care by government insurance such as Medicare/Medicaid have ended up affecting everyone because they contribute to the increase in overall cost of health care. Monroe County Hospital is a proud Lake Arrowhead hospital that provides Charity care. This is a discounted health service provided to persons who could not afford to pay and who met our criteria for financial assistance. This service has gotten the community to rate MCH for providing excellent health care services highly. Besides, the MCH hospital also gives back to the community in the following ways:
-Delta Rural Access Program
-Providing information about diabetes through the Diabetes Education Program
-The Gift of Life Program ensures that it gives hope and encouragement to both bereaved and sick
-Power to Prevent Program, which is meant to create awareness of some of the illnesses that could be prevented through certain techniques
-Hospital Engagement Network
-Scale Back Alabama
-Partnering Navigator Agency
-Health Fairs
-MCH Case Management Department
-MCH Auxiliary Tree of Love
-Health professionals’ education, shadowing, clinical training, vocational training, mentoring for students
-Cash, Donations and In-Kind contributions via Monroe Health Foundation
-United Way participation
-Relay for Life and Blue Jeans for Babies team participation
-Subsidized health services

This Lake Arrowhead Hospital is always working to satisfy the needs of their customers and provide excellent quality services. Below is a list of the leading medical services that you can get at Mountains Community Hospital.
1. Cardio-pulmonary——- offer sleep studies, respiratory therapy, cardiac testing and cardiovascular imaging.
2. Chemotherapy/Oncology——There are chemotherapy certified nurses that administer chemotherapy ordered by the oncologists. Chemotherapy is administered at Mountains Community Hospital on Monday through Friday.
3. Emergency Department—— fully staffed emergency room, Full service, 24/7 -365/ days a year –
4. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) ——-holds a capacity of 8 beds that are all RN staffed.
5. Labor and Delivery/Lactation——-It is believed to be the only Lake Arrowhead hospital with spacious birthing suites along with childbirth and breastfeeding classes, and also lactation consultation.
6. Laboratory——-MCH has a full-service hospital lab staffed 24 hours.
7. Medical/Surgical Unit——-Boasts to have the most well-trained nursing staff that diligently provide care and comfort to outpatients and inpatients for various diagnosis such as gastrointestinal issues and respiratory, cardiac
8. Pharmacy——-MCH provide medications to both outpatients and inpatients including the Diabetes Education, Oncology Clinic, and ambulatory infusion patients.
9. Progressive Home Care——-It is the only Lake Arrowhead Hospital that provides full-service home care to homebound patients with the most popular one being physical therapy and occupational therapy
10. Radiology——-features Digital Mammography and the new CT scanner.
11. Surgery——-MCH have outpatient and inpatient surgical services including endoscopy obstetrics, colonoscopies, gynecology, orthopedics, ear, nose, and throat.