Lake Arrowhead vacation rentals

Relax in Style: The Top Two Lake Arrowhead Vacation Rentals

If you were to do an online search for the term “vacation rentals,” you might feel a bit overwhelmed by how many diverse results populate the first couple of pages. With vacation rentals anywhere from Lake Arrowhead, California to the beaches of Costa Rica, it might seem overwhelming to try to narrow down your search and find the perfect vacation residence for you and your family (or for your own solo adventure). As you conduct your search, there is one place you should absolutely keep in mind: Lake Arrowhead.

Vacation Amidst the San Bernardino National Forest

Not only are Lake Arrowhead vacation rentals affordable, but they’re also located in the natural, beautiful landscape of the surrounding San Bernardino National Forest: the ideal location for both outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a quiet, meditative retreat located far from the cries of busy freeways and city traffic, or if you’re searching for a rustic getaway with easy access to the outdoors; the numerous Lake Arrowhead vacation rentals in Southern California are some of the best-kept secrets of the Southwest. Here are just a few of the most popular Lake Arrowhead vacation rentals to keep on your radar as you plan your next relaxing getaway.

The Brigadoon Estate: 16 Acres of Rustic Landscape

The beauty of choosing to rent a vacation home or cabin in Lake Arrowhead is the plethora of rustic cabins and lodges that reside, literally, directly within the wilderness surrounding the lake and forest. One of the most popular Lake Arrowhead vacation rentals is The Brigadoon Estate, which rests on a casual 16 acres of land. This remarkable, lodge-style cabin provides spectacular views of the surrounding pines and trees while retaining a quiet sense of privacy and serene comfort for all who stay there.

Large enough for your family (or weekend getaway with friends), this historic lodge is equipped with four bedrooms, five bathrooms and plenty of communal places where occupants can lounge, play cards, sip wine and enjoy the serenity that accompanies this truly unique cabin. With three different levels spread out across 3,800 square feet, this cabin also provides residents some much-required privacy when needed. Oh, and here is perhaps the most exciting part of the entire cabin: There are several hot tubs nestled discreetly and comfortably beneath the trees. This isn’t like other ordinary vacation rentals in Lake Arrowhead; this is the best of the best among Lake Arrowhead vacation rentals.

Enjoy Panoramic Views a Elks Retreat

Looking for something a little more modern than The Brigadoon Estate? Search no farther than Elks Retreat, a large, Lake Arrowhead cabin that has recently undergone extensive renovations including a newly, professionally decorated interior. Not for the faint of heart, this is one of the very few Lake Arrowhead vacation rentals that offers unobstructed panoramic views of the entire forest. Treat yourself to a night in the master suite, which is designed with a large balcony and comfortable patio furniture: the ideal spot for sipping a glass of Chardonnay while you try to take in the massive amounts of absolutely stunning scenery that now surrounds you.

Take Advantage of the Exquisite Views and Full Kitchen

There’s no denying that the scenic aspect of Elks Retreat is certainly something to boast about; however, what are the specifics of this vacation rental? On the main level, you will find an exquisitely furnished Great Room, dining room and kitchen that have all been intentionally designed to allow for the most optimal views of the surrounding landscape and forest. The large, granite slab countertops of the open kitchen are perfect for those nights that deserve a more elegant feast than normal; so don’t be afraid to utilize the kitchen to its full potential as you and your family or friends map out a delicious, French-inspired meal. After you’ve had your fill of beef bourguignon and a few bottles of Beaujolais later, your guests can retire to one of the two guest bedrooms as you head to the lavish master suite for a perfect night’s sleep.

Ditch Generic Hotels and Treat Yourself This Vacation

There are few Lake Arrowhead vacation rentals that boast the level of class, comfort and style of both The Brigadoon Estate and Elks Retreat, which ultimately begs the question: Why settle for less, when you can enjoy your Lake Arrowhead vacation in true style? There will be (or perhaps already have been) plenty of other opportunities during future vacations to check in at the nearest hotel. This time, do something different for a change: Book your vacation at one of these truly luxurious Lake Arrowhead vacation rentals. As you look back on your time spent in Lake Arrowhead, you will have nothing but fond memories.