Hiking in Lake Arrowhead 

Mammoth Lakes is a town in the mountains of California, located at an altitude of 2,400 m just east of Mammoth Mountain. The Mammoth Lakes town comprises many beautiful lakes and the famous San Bernardino National Forest. One of the most well-known among them is Lake Arrowhead, which is commonly called Arrowhead Lake Mammoth. The adventure land of Arrowhead Lake Mammoth is another one of those unique locations that you have to see to believe. It is majestic in grandeur and amazing in natural beauty. The name alludes to the vastness of the mountains, the breadth of the valleys, the extraordinary number of crystal clear alpine lakes, and the limitless options for excitement just outside your door. The strange fairytale vistas that drop jaws and stir imaginations, besides the truly amazing scenic views, are what make this area genuinely special.

The Arrowhead Lake Mammoth system is an outdoor wonderland unlike any other. The backyard’s rough and stunning scenery is popularly known as the Lake Arrowhead hiking destination. Lake Arrowhead hiking trails have enormous extensions, so you don’t have to move far to locate a beginning, and there are also fantastic locations to the north and south, so you won’t have to walk the same path twice unless you love it that much. On more than 290 miles of trails, the Lake Arrowhead hiking trails provide limitless recreational choices. There’s something for all seasons, interests, and skills, from rocky cliffs to a good number of lakes, pine woods to alpine valleys. Lake Arrowhead’s hiking plan involves a great network of walking and hiking paths that will ultimately ramble for more than 13 miles through the forests, gorgeous stream beds, and many low-elevation peaks.

Because of the diverse greenery, the San Bernardino National Forest has covered all of the lakes in the area. Hiking trails offer excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation. This is one of the key reasons hiking is so popular. The fact is that only three mountain ranges in the world run east and west in a Mediterranean climate. As a result, this place has a range of distinct eco-climate zones. The temperatures in this region are often 17 to 21 degrees lower than temperatures down the hill. Even in the harshest days of heat, getting out in the morning is typically extremely nice. 

My trips are always around Lake Arrowhead hiking because of the location and adventure opportunities available at this spot. The sight of the Arrowhead and Duck Lake is spectacular at some spots along the walk. This Lake Arrowhead hiking trail network contains a number of distinct routes and extensions that allow hikers and walkers to experience the stunning landscape that is so much a part of Arrowhead Lake Mammoth. The following are the hiking options, sorted by difficulty level, that you can try on your trip. I recommend starting with the Heaps Peaks Arboretum interpretive route to learn about the forest first, so you can have an enjoyable Lake Arrowhead hike later on. The majority of trailheads are identified with a brown post bearing a forest service number.

Hiking Trails

Heaps Peak Arboretum Trail

On Highway 18 and 1.4 miles east of Skyforest, you can find this interpretive trail. The route circles around and is a pleasant stroll for individuals of all ages that takes you on a self-guided tour of native flora and fauna. Members of the Rim of the World Interpretive Association built and preserved the site. This location is handicap friendly and has a low skill level.

Seeley Creek Trail aka Heart Rock

One of the best and most popular climbs in the San Bernardino Mountains due to the flawlessly shaped heart made by the flowing water of the falls. It is also close to Camp Seeley, where the film The Parent Trap was shot. It’s a short 1-mile trek that’s ideal for a proposal. Bring a picnic lunch and drinks, then propose in front of the waterfall. This is about a quarter-mile south of Camp Seeley’s entrance on Highway 189, just before “The Valley of Enchantment.”

Trail of the Phoenix aka The National Children’s Forest

Starting from the National Children’s Forest’s entrance off Keller Peak Road, Highway 18 near Running Springs, this gravel walking trail goes through the forest. This route is particularly built and run to meet the requirements of those who are blind or have physical limitations. The whole length of the route has a gradient of five percent or less. All interpretative signage is in braille and large print.

North Shore Recreational Trail

Once you arrive at Lake Arrowhead, you can easily access this somewhat challenging hike. Continue on 173 until you reach Papoose Lake, then turn east on Torrey Road (opposite the Lake Arrowhead Marina). Take the very first left and continue on the gravel road for 1/2 mile to the trailhead. The route gradually drops through a varied pine forest before arriving at Little Bear Creek. It is 1.7 miles.

Deep Creek Hot Springs

Deep Creek, with its natural therapeutic hot springs, is a local favorite. It is 1.5 miles. Start early so you can walk out and back during the day before it gets dark. Also, while clothes are optional here, if you are uncomfortable with naked people of all ages and body types, this may not be the trek for you. Also, no camping or camp fire is allowed here.

Duck Lake and Pika Lake Hiking

When you decide to hike around the lakes, This hike’s ultimate endpoints are Duck Lake and Pika Lake, which are both stunning alpine lakes. The mileage to each lake on the way to Duck Lake and Pika Lake is 1.3 miles away from Arrowhead Lake. This has a roundtrip distance of 11 kilometers, and in terms of difficulty level, it is moderately sloppy but challenging in length. 

To make the trip more enjoyable, bring plenty of water to drink, hiking shoes or flip flops, snacks or a picnic lunch, a small first aid kit, a large brimmed hat, a waterproof camera, and do not forget to pack out all of your trash and do not litter.

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